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What to do with the SSA when they declare that you're dead

In what seems like something straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, one man had to declare "I'm not dead yet," to the Social Security Administration as well as go down to a local office and prove it with two forms of identification. The tragic reality of this situation is that it happens to nearly 1000 people each and every month.

These mistakes should greatly concern the SSA as it creates many hardships for those to whom these errors occur. Perhaps the greatest concern about such errors is the financial and medical strains that such a mistake places upon the victims.

Often times the discontinuing of Social Security benefit checks is detrimental to those who rely on that income to stay afloat financially. Medically, the consequences of being pronounced dead by the SSA can wreak havoc on Medicaid or Medicare availability, as well as being able to further fulfill needed prescriptions.

Additionally, as mentioned above, the individual trying to prove that they are indeed not yet dead, is burdened with the task of proving so in person at an office with multiple forms of identification. They then must fill out forms that take the SSA time to accurately process in order to rectify this wrong.

If you find yourself the victim of being incorrectly being declared dead and feel stuck yelling "I'm not dead!" to no avail, please contact an attorney. An attorney with experience in dealing with the SSA will be able to assist you in getting your benefits back and restoring your life back to 'living' status.

Source: CBS DFW, "Weatherford Man To Social Security Admin.: "I'm Not Dead!"," Jason Allen, Dec. 18, 2012

  • If your Social Security benefits are cancelled due to your being declared 'dead,' please visit our website to find out more on what resources may be available to you here in Illinois.

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