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Accessible house designed by famous architect opens to public

There are many ways in which a disability might impact the life of an individual or those who care for that person. When the disability is a physical one, despite the fact that many places are supposed to be handicapped accessible, it may mean that someone is unable to enjoy experiences others do because certain locations are not accessible to them. Soon physically disabled individuals who live in the state of Illinois will be able to experience a home that Frank Lloyd Wright designed. 

Program focused on recouping SSA overpayments suspended

For many individuals who reside in the state of Illinois, benefits from the Social Security Administration are depended upon to cover living expenses. There are multiple reasons those individuals may have secured these benefits including disability. In some situations it is possible that recipients were overpaid without realizing it. According to the SSA the overpayments total $714 million.

The issue may have arisen in a variety of settings. For example, a disabled child could have been overpaid benefits at some point only to be discovered years after the fact. Under a program that commenced in 2008, if those overpayments were more than a decade old, upon discovery could be they could be recouped. The most commonly used approach to recoup these amounts is via tax refunds.

Compassionate allowances program expedites disability benefits

For individuals who reside throughout the nation, the disability benefits provided by the Social Security Administration provide a much needed source of income. While they can make a huge impact in the lives of someone whose disability makes it impossible to work, unfortunately they are not always easy to obtain. In addition, the process can take quite some time.  On average, someone who applies via the regular process must wait an average of 86 days for the application to be processed. An appeal for a rejected claim usually takes longer than a year.

New Disney disability program prompts lawsuit

Earlier this year, we wrote a post about the changes Disney made last fall to policies regarding accommodations for disabled visitors to its theme parks. The change was the result of reports that the previous program, in which disabled visitors were provided passes that let them go the front of the line, was being abused. More specifically able bodied visitors allegedly hired disabled visitors to help them go to the front of the line. Under the new program, disabled individuals can now get a Disability Access Service Card where they can schedule a time to ride each attraction. 

Procedure could improve quality of life for Fibromyalgia patients

Individuals who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia are all too aware of how debilitating the condition can be. While the pain associated with the condition is of course a large part of the disease, there are other ways in which the condition impacts the quality of life of those living with it. For example, it can affect the mood of the person living with it as well as result in increased feelings of anxiety. A procedure recently studied by fibromyalgia researchers is showing some success in improving the quality of life of those diagnosed with the condition. 

Woman's invention lets disabled children 'walk'

Depending on their child’s disability there are many challenges parents will face. These challenges require both mental and, depending on the disability, often physical strength to get through. This is particularly true when a child is physically handicapped and relies upon care givers to get him or her around.

Most parents in that situation would likely do anything they could to make it possible for their child to walk. Not because of the strain they experience physically moving the child from place to place, but rather because of the freedom it would provide their child. Recently the mother of a young boy with cerebral palsy created a device designed to help him learn how to do just that.

Study indicates autism may start before birth

There is no question that autism has impacted families throughout the nation, including those in the state of Illinois. Because of the large number of individuals affected by the condition, many different groups are conducting studies regarding the matter. In addition to looking for treatment methods, researchers are also looking for the cause.

A study focusing on the cause was recently published in the “New England Journal of Medicine.” The study looked at autism markers in the brains of 42 deceased children between the ages of 2 and 15. Those samples were from both boys and girls and some of the individuals were autistic.

New drug could improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is just one of many medical conditions that might prompt an individual to seek disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. There are undoubtedly many people in the Chicago, Illinois, are who are doing this very thing. The benefits available from this agency are designed to help those who are unable to work with making ends meet. A drug recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration might make it possible for some individuals who might otherwise seek these benefits, to be able to continue to work. It is called xeljanz.

Pilot calling for representative payee background checks expanded

There are a variety of conditions individuals in the state of Illinois who seek disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, may be living with. While sometimes those conditions are physical, other times they are mental or intellectual. In the latter situation, it is possible that the individual seeking the benefits may not be able to handle their own finances. Accordingly, a representative payee may collect benefits on their behalf.

Physical progress displayed by those with cerebral palsy varies

Individuals who are born with cerebral palsy will likely encounter difficulties in life that others do not. This condition, which is the result of an injury to the brain, affects the spontaneous process of movement development. While it is not uncommon for individuals who have cerebral palsy to be unable to walk, in some cases through hard work individuals are able to do this activity.

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